We’re not particularly fond of rodents. However, this little guy just stole our hearts. Look at him so relaxed and in bliss on the bed with that small piece of cheese.


No, you weren’t reading a set of foreign words on a sticker. You just read it upside down. Does that make you feel any more of an idiot, because we would.


The Internet is indeed full of interesting stuff. For the most part, people look to memes, quotes and funny photos to share on their social networks. However, we have a slight preference towards photos which make us chuckle, simply because it never hurts to feel good with a smile on your face. Whether the photos captured amusing situations or unexpectedly hilarious blunders, we’re totally down with it. We hope you are too, because we’ve compiled a bunch of them.


This mom is a pretty clever one. Just when we thought there was actual urine on the floor, she just made a great play on words. You got us good this time.