Time to Smile with these 24 Pictures


Not a lot of people read product reviews. When they do, it’s probably because it caught their attention in a number of ways. This review, however, is so simple and on-point that it becomes truly amusing, especially coming from a senior citizen.


This dad must be feeling pretty good about himself right now. It’s every dad’s hope and dream to be a hero in their child’s eyes. This guy, however, gets to live it by wearing a superhero costume for his daughter.


Somebody’s mastering the art of the peeping tom. We just didn’t expect it would be a young one. Then again, it’s always nice to learn early, wouldn’t you agree?


Lord knows we’d freak out if we saw something like this as well. Kudos to this young woman for giving her parents the scares. She’s got a great future ahead of her in the horror film industry.


We’ve got to hand it to this senior citizen. He certainly still got the power moves going for him. At our much younger age, we couldn’t do this at all, so kudos to him.


It sure is nice to have a brother like this. This just makes us smile in the sense that it’s a sweet text message. If we only had the same kind of concern and care from our siblings, that would be great.