Who says good help is hard to come by? All you have to do is shout out loud and hope your next door neighbor gives you the answer to your problems. It’s exactly what happened with this Tweet.


Nothing makes our hearts melt than seeing someone celebrating a grand occasion with their most faithful companions. Specifically, we’re talking about dogs. Isn’t it just lovely to see both of them wearing graduation robes?


Kids sure do know how to have fun with whatever they have. This little guy certainly made that pretty clear to us. He doesn’t care if he’s in a public fountain, he’s just going to roll with it and take a dive.


We feel sorry for the toothbrush. It never caused any harm to anyone at all. It was just in the way of your sister’s wrath.


We just love it when cats find themselves in hilarious bloopers. When the moment is captured perfectly, it becomes comedic gold. This kitty’s probably exclaiming “dammit” at this very moment.


Not a lot of people read product reviews. When they do, it’s probably because it caught their attention in a number of ways. This review, however, is so simple and on-point that it becomes truly amusing, especially coming from a senior citizen.