Time to Smile with these 24 Pictures


Okay, we have to roll our eyes while smiling with this one. We understand if your mom’s not exactly blessed with good eyesight. Probably get her some new contact lenses?


We have no words for this. It’s just truly amusing to have to jot down every single detail from the board during a lecture in this manner. You can’t fault him for being accurate about it.


Rulers definitely come in handy. For this young lady, it’s a great way to know if she’s actually following instructions on the deodorant spray as intended. Talk about specifics, eh?


Face swapping became a phenomenon online for a short period of time. People sure did come up with hilarious results. However, this one takes the cake for being the best, no doubt.


We’re not particularly fond of rodents. However, this little guy just stole our hearts. Look at him so relaxed and in bliss on the bed with that small piece of cheese.


No, you weren’t reading a set of foreign words on a sticker. You just read it upside down. Does that make you feel any more of an idiot, because we would.