Time to Smile with these 24 Pictures


We’ve got to hand it to people who know their puns. We never would’ve thought of saying something like this in a million years. Guess he just got the right choice of words to make a true “Win” comment.


We have nothing but great respect and admiration for young geniuses. This little guy’s even too willing to help out his much older classmates. If we could only ask him to do our homework for us.


This photo is just too perfect for words. Just when your wife thinks she looks like a cow because of her pregnant belly, you better come to the rescue with your beer belly. That’s what makes a perfect couple.


Looking at the photo of these two pets, it does make you wonder. Their eyes are so mellow and chill. They must have been fed some bit of the grass with these treats.


Who says good help is hard to come by? All you have to do is shout out loud and hope your next door neighbor gives you the answer to your problems. It’s exactly what happened with this Tweet.


Nothing makes our hearts melt than seeing someone celebrating a grand occasion with their most faithful companions. Specifically, we’re talking about dogs. Isn’t it just lovely to see both of them wearing graduation robes?