Posters that Will Make Any Sarcastic Parent Happy

There is utmost truth in this.

You’ve always wanted to have kids and a family of your own. However, it isn't easy and parenthood always comes with its own trials. Although rewarding in many ways, it can come with its frustrations. However, all you need are a few words of "inspiration" - maybe a chuckle at these posters to end off your long day with the kids. There is hope, after all, and you know in the end (maybe even a long long time away), your kids are more worth it than they're not!

We don’t always think things through while we still have the chance, do we?

At least there’s pizza.


Time to practice your bedtime storytelling skills, then.

This picture isn't inspiring at all. I can watch Netflix in bed even if the blender in the other room is going off. Watch some damn television, or send the kids to Nana's house for a few days if catching up on reading is so important. Or, go isolate yourself at a Starbucks or play hide and seek with your children so they'll stay quiet in their hiding spot while you're pretending to go find them.

Everybody wins in the end.


Would you be honest enough to admit this to yourself?