Celebrities + Photobomb = Instant Win Every Freakin’ Time

When the Queen of England photobombs you, you know you’re taking pictures of the wrong person…

It does get annoying when all you see on a person’s social network account are selfies.  That time has long gone, and people don’t realize how lame it is to market yourself endlessly to your friends and followers in hopes of being praised for your looks.  In fact, it is so lame that you just want to photobomb the heck out of it.  Well, guess what, even celebrities are in on the whole thing.

The epitome of cool, Daniel Craig puts his most suave look on to detract from Taylor Swift’s beauty. It worked.  Win level = 100%.

Johnny Depp standing out like he always does… Or in this case, sticking out from behind Tim Burton.  No, that’s not a dirty joke.

Looks like Jack Black’s about to kick Angelina like a field goal.

Never leave Adam Lambert out or all you get are some bunny ears.

Taylor Swift decides to goof it up in the back.