20 Moments of Celebrity WTF-fery from 2014

Who could ever forget that time when we didn't recognize Renee Zellweger?

Oh bugger! This woman has spent too much on plastic surgery that she made herself a zombie. Maybe after Bridget Jones, she was going for a natural look. Let's face it, people get old but Zellweger has jumped forward too fast. This is just a bad day. Perhaps she forgot to take her daily dose of botox.

Who could forget when Jay Z and Beyonce's sister fought in the elevator?

Oooh! Problem's brewing with the in-laws. Who is dumb enough to think that there was no camera in an elevator? Well, Jay Z and Beyonce's sister are. How could they think they can spat at each other, in the elevator at that! How cozy was that!

Remember that time she took a homeless kid as her date? We didn't mind the kid, we like Katy Perry over there are just confused as to why she's crying.

There are just people who are easily moved. This teaches us to take Miley seriously...But it didn't work, sorry! I hope she decides to stay put in her seat and keep her emotions to herself 'coz she's really stealing the show. Oh stop it! Big girls don't cry anymore!

Look at Leonardo dance like your dad at Coachella

He definitely grew up from being Jack in Titanic. Now, he has the moves of an 18 year old! Chicks dig dudes jumping up and down when they're dancing. Well, I honestly think they are. Way to go Leo, for trying hard to be young and for everything else.

Another awesome wedding happened when George Clooney, the world's most eligible bachelor finally married the awesome Amal!

Awwww, another wedding of the century. I can't imagine that good looking George finally tied he knot with a lawyer, a hot lawyer. Well, we can definitely look forward to the day when she files the divorce and George would be single again. Well, maybe at that time, he'll be in a wheelchair already.

And last but not the least, who could ever forget Lady Gaga's huge outfit!

WTF is that?! She has upped her talent for being a crazy whack! Maybe we should call the maintenance and tell them that the disco ball has finally arrived. Oh! The lights are blinding me! Please get that weirdness out! I cannot take it anymore!