19 Miracles Your iPhone Can Actually Do

)  Find it difficult to take a photo with the display’s capture button?  Use the volume buttons instead.

) Switch to airplane mode and save up on batteries or recharge even faster.

Yes, we agree that the iPhone is the hottest commodity in the mobile market these days, and all the other brands are trying to catch up and overtake the supposed “master race.”  What sets it apart from all other phones is the fact that it can do a lot of really cool stuff, even things that we didn’t even know about until we made even further research, as well as tricks shown to us by our friends.  Don’t believe the hype?  These should convince you.

)  Speed up or slow down the videos you are watching by scrubbing.

)  Teaching the phone’s voice command system, Siri, to pronounce words properly.

) Web suffix menu popping up automatically whenever you type in a URL.

)  Take a picture with autofocus and exposure locked for better images.