14 Texts That Are So Dad! (Part one)

“Hey Dad, I’m Hungry”, “Hey Hungry, I’m Dad”.

Talk about overprotective, don't jump the gun dad!

We bet you all heard that one, the one joke that literally started an internet meme based on a father’s corny joke. And although they get annoying to some, they are a gold mine of hilarity to us all! After all, they’re pretty witty and just so darn funny! How can you not like Dad jokes? Today, we’re going to pile you up with lots and lots of them!

Ouch! But then the phrase is "A face a mother could only love"

Direct to the point and straight to my ever beating heart

Aaw, he was kind enough to leave a text

We're not sure if this is fake but in the case that it is... you have got to love this one

You know, we'd be disappointed in you if you're anal enough as to call your father's number as "Dad's Cell"