12 Things You Think of While on the first date

Hey, experiment while you still can!

Well, not really the first thing but they’re the kind of stuff that just goes on and off in our head and we have to wonder… does anyone else think the same thing as we do? Whisper.sh is a website similar to a lot of Secret websites, where you go on and just share your inner thoughts and deep secrets.

The following are the secrets of various girls (and maybe a couple of guys), who decided to use Whisper as their confessional. Can you find yourself in any of the following situations?

Talk about loyalty, this chick has none of that!

Congratulations! You are the one in a million chances and we're all happy for you!

You go, girl... or boy! There's no expiry date on when you should go out on one!

Hey, if you can find a guy who doesn't mind that, then maybe you're a match made in Heaven!

Don't do it! You might regret it later on!