12 Breakups That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Breakups are a necessity of life, they create friction and mistakes that help to change and shape us as mature and open minded adults. However, there are times when we would have to realize that for every good and normal break up that you will experience, you might have to go through at least three terrible and traumatizing ones. These are the results of those latter, so be careful you date!

She knows that you have been working overtime- and by overtime we mean you have been plowing your secretary Janice all this time

Batman references or any kind of references in a breakup text is weird. No questions asked.

Not the most violent, but unless you're lactose intolerant... This has got to be the best break up ever

Well, when "she got that ass"...

You know your ex is a terrible person when even the dog hates them

Oh come now, are you sure you're not being the girl in this relationship?