10 Celebrity Homes That Are Sure to Impress You

Hilton Residence

Many people in the world are highly envious of celebrities.  They’re famous, they’re loaded with cash, and are always in the spotlight.  Because of the various benefits they have, they can simply purchase anything they want at any given time, if they really wanted to be luxurious about their riches.  They can afford buying the finest stuff around, including homes.  Speaking of which, may these pictures of their homes cause massive jealousy for you guys.

With a market value of over 20 million dollars, there’s no doubt that the Hilton family home is one of the most lavish homes ever. It offers various baths, bedrooms and a truly impressive garden. Considering that the entire family owns a number of luxury casinos and hotels, it only makes sense to have a house that lives up to their lifestyles. What’s even more impressive is that this is just one of their many homes around the globe.

Alex Rodriguez’s home

He may have been sidelined from the MLB for steroid abuse, but it really doesn’t stop him from being rich and famous. In fact, he’s only gotten richer with multiple contracts and sponsorships that he managed to purchase this rather expensive piece of property in L.A. Yet, he also happens to have more homes in Miami and New York. Talk about spending your money wisely for those long travels, eh?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

This Hollywood power couple’s home is definitely an impressive sight. Costing 10 million dollars, it is undoubtedly among the largest mansions in the Beverly Hills area. However, many other celebrities have owned it, which certainly adds to its market value. The rather beautiful vegetable gardens, as well as easy access to trails for hiking make it a great place for families to live in.

Paris Hilton

Clearly not content with having to stay with the rest of her family, billion dollar heiress and supposed “best DJ in the world” Paris Hilton got her own place. Located in Beverly Hills, this home’s got the works covered. With stylish furnishings, a swimming pool and several bedrooms inside, you’d think she’d be content, but no. To add more lavishness, she had to add multiple decorations with her face on it. A bit too self obsessed, but she’s got money for it.

Heidi Klum

Head over to Bel Air, and you just might see the mansion of the famous Project Runway judge and former supermodel in the distance. Two stories high and 11 square miles wide, it has a rather sizeable pool sitting atop 4 acres of land. It’s also got 10 bedrooms, which proves to be ideal for guests to sleep over at. Other amenities include a gym and a dance studio. Impressive, eh?

Sofia Vergara’s home

Certainly not the most expensive on this list, costing at just a little below 11 million dollars at the time of purchase, it’s still quite impressive. It’s got seven bedrooms plus 9 bathrooms, which makes it more ideal for a hotel than anything else, really. Yet, the Modern Family actress really knows how to add some stylish touches, especially with a wine cellar and various fire places riddled all over inside the home. Quite the lavish residence, don’t you agree?