The 10 Most Beautiful Lawyers in the World

Photo courtesy of wonderlist   Justin Thornton was a former child actress who went on to become the Leader of the Labour Party. Graduating at Robinson College, Cambridge in 1992, she is known to...


25 Stars That Terribly Aged

Photo courtesy of caliser If you took one look at the guy on the left, you’d assume that it was a model for a men’s fashion magazine.  But alas, that is actually Ozzy Osbourne.  Kind of strange that he looks more like a demonic imp these days, doesn’t it? For the most part, famous celebs in Hollywood do a pretty good job of keeping their looks as pristine as possible.  There are those notable exceptions, however, which often boggle our minds as to what happened over the course of several years throughout their entire career.  We don’t really fathom how some of the most beautiful people end up looking pretty terrible as they age.  Then again, substance abuse, plastic surgery and even just some good ol’ natural aging can really change a person’s appearance, more often for the worse.  Such would be the case for the following celebrities.


Most Awkward Photos Ever – The Top 25

Photo courtesy of trendypeek This guy clearly wasn’t aware of everything else around him.  Otherwise, he would’ve made quite the effort to get the hell out of there.  That incoming train’s not going to...


25 Stars Without Any Makeup

Photo courtesy of complex   Tyra Banks is definitely one of the most attractive women in Hollywood.  Then again, she was a former supermodel herself.  However, you just might find it jarring to see...


25 People Who Awesomely Blended Into the Background

Hey, we like it people dress for occasions.  It actually fits into the whole spirit of things.  However, we just haven’t really thought about people dressing up to match anything, especially the surroundings and...


25 Photos That Literally Went Down in History

History is full of such special moments.  By special, we also refer to the incredible, the horrifying and the most emotionally moving.  There are many of them captured on film in the past several...